“Thought-provoking lyricism and controlled yet airy vocals… a truly phenomenal record.” – Early Rising

“The talent is undeniable.” – LA On Lock

A triumphant entry from a new indie-soul talent.” Desert Island Cloud

About Jess

After her sparkling debut with the soulful indie pop tracks “Guilty Soulmate”, “Plenty,” the summer anthem “Summer Nights,” the witty “Life Is A Bitch,” and “Ketamine Kids” the up-and-coming indie pop vocalist recently released heartbreak anthem “Nothing” on April. 14th. 

Originally from New York, Meilman grew up singing, songwriting, and performing, and was often found in her family’s piano room creating songs for hours on end. It was here that she honed her artistry, leaning into the soundscapes of Tame Impala, SZA, and Dayglow, among others. Meilman quit her 9-5 in 2021 and moved to LA to bring the songs in her voice memos to life.

Meilman explains her approach to crafting music simply: “Creativity without force creates intuitive magic.” An empath, she feels things deeply, and writes with a desire to connect, heal, and understand herself and the world through music. She turns her sensitive self-reflection into catchy tracks that hold surprising depth and come straight from the heart.
These singles are the first of many exciting things to come for Meilman, who has been in the studio in Los Angeles working on a collection of music to be released into 2023.